The Club has vacancies for membership of both the Men’s and Ladies Section.

We have structured fee and subscription rates governed by your age and the distance that you live from the Club. Reduced subscriptions are available to all adults up to age 36. Details can be obtained from the General Manager.

The traditional membership route involves knowledge of existing members who will propose, second & support your candidature with introductory letters (six). Further support is usually required from other members, with whom the candidate may be asked to play. This is a simple process if you have existing connections to the Club.

There is a self-proposing procedure, following recent applications to join the Club from candidates unable to fulfill the above requirements. Typically these candidates have either recently moved into the area, or wish to join from another club.

This procedure involves writing a personal letter to the General Manager detailing your golfing and occupational background. Your membership of other clubs or societies and other general interests will be helpful. A letter from a personal referee might be requested.

Once the Club is satisfied you will be asked to play with several members, one or more of whom will be a General Committee member, in order that you gain the necessary support for membership.

Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club welcomes all such applications, which are generally approved by the General Committee promptly.

New for 2019

In our continued efforts to support Ladies golf, we have introduced a reduced entrance fee for new members to our Ladies section until the end of 2019. For the next 12 months, entrance fees will be frozen at £500.

In addition to our reduced membership rates for members under the age of 36, all entrance fees have now been removed for any applicant joining under the age of 33.

Please phone the Assistant Secretary Adam Riddle 01342 822018 or contact him by email at adamriddle@royalashdown.co.uk  and he will be happy to answer any questions.