West Course Hole By Hole

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total
White 388 196 502 295 386 153 352 270 156 2,698 328 240 312 353 450 311 122 357 435 2,908 5,606
Par 4 3 5 4 4 3 4 4 3 34 4 3 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 34 68
Red 342 178 465 277 348 109 290 248 143 2,400 311 221 263 319 374 264 103 331 359 2,545 4,945
Par 4 3 5 4 4 3 4 4 3 34 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 35 69


R Ash West 01.jpg

Hole 1

Two good shots on the 1st hole can bring their reward provided you keep your approach below the hole. This green immediately examines your touch with the putter.

1st West Course.jpg

White: 388 yards
Red: 342 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 02.jpg

Hole 2

The 196 yard par 3 2nd requires a strong tee shot ideally directed at the front left portion of this elevated green.

2nd West Course.jpg

White: 196 yards
Red: 178 yards
Par: 3 

R Ash West 03.jpg

Hole 3

The 3rd hole, being the only par 5, allows you to open your shoulders and two good long shots still need to favour the left half of the fairway or green.

3rd West Course.jpgWhite: 502 yards
Red: 465 yards
Par: 5

R Ash West 04.jpg

Hole 4

A short par 4 with a small green that has run off areas all around means that whatever the length of your drive an approach from the fairway is a must.

4th West Course.JPGWhite: 295 yards
Red: 277 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 05.jpg

Hole 5

With a line of trees up the right hand side of the fairway and the landing area for most drives naturally throwing your ball to the left, the tee shot is a demanding one. Depending on the length or accuracy you may feel a prudent move would be to leave your approach short of the dip/hummock area in front of the green. The green itself slopes from front to back so it is an advantage hitting a shorter club into this small target. A par 4 is always a good score on this hole.

5th West Course.jpgWhite: 386 yards
Red: 348 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 06.jpg

Hole 6

The ideal line is inside right to this green. Anything left will disappear down a steep bank from where your pitch is incredibly difficult to control. Having hit the putting surface anything above the hole will prove troublesome.

6th West Course.jpgWhite: 153 yards
Red: 109 yards
Par: 3

R Ash West 07.jpg

Hole 7

Just short of the track on the left side of the fairway is the ideal line for your second shot off this tee. The ridge that runs across the green means that anything that is not hit into the right half of the green may fail to hold the target.

untitled-63.jpgWhite: 352 yards
Red: 290 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 08.jpg

Hole 8

A driveable par 4 requires you to aim left centre of the fairway. Your second and third shots will invariably be affected by either the dip in front of the green or the putting surface itself. The green slopes from left to right with another fall off to the right of the green.

untitled-26.jpgWhite: 270 yards
Red: 248 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 09.jpg

Hole 9

Conditions play a large part in any success you may have on this hole. When the green is receptive you need to hit your tee shot with conviction into the right half of the green. Alas in summer conditions whilst your line is exactly the same, your clubbing is crucial to your ball holding the green.

9th west course.jpgWhite: 156 yards
Red: 143 yards
Par: 3 

R Ash West 10.jpg

Hole 10

Positioning off the tee is crucial for a view and line into the green, so a drive aimed at the edge of the left hand side will put you in good shape. The second shot should be aimed to land on the left hand side of the green. It will feed into the centre with again a slightly pushed approach likely to go down the bank on the right.

10th West Course.jpgWhite: 328 yards
Red: 311 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 11.jpg

Hole 11

This is a brute of a par 3. At 240 yards, the temptation to reach the green often means that you sacrifice your position, which is vital when faced with a small sloping putting surface. Short and straight at least offers you a fair chance of getting down in two more.

11th West Course.JPGWhite: 240 yards
Par: 3

Red: 221 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 12.jpg

Hole 12

A severe sloping fairway from left to right makes holding the fairway difficult. A drawn tee shot into the left side of the fairway leaves you with a short approach to a green below. Once again accuracy is all important with a grassy bank on the left and the inevitable slope on the right.

12th West Course.jpgWhite: 312 yards
Red: 263 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 13.jpg

Hole 13

A tee shot to the marker post allows you the ideal spot for your second shot. Aim right of centre for your approach to a green again protected by the steep bank on the left hand side.

13th West Course.jpgWhite: 353 yards
Red: 319 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 14.jpg

Hole 14

This is a testing 450 yard long (stroke index 1) par 4. Most of the difficulty is in the need to shape your drive from right to left. That done a long second to a well protected target is necessary to have a chance of a par.

untitled-1.jpgWhite: 450 yards
Red: 374 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 15.jpg

Hole 15

A risk and reward par 4. If your intention is to get as close as you can to the green a drawn shot needs to start over the line of trees to the right so good elevation on your drive is vital. The green slopes from left to right so an accurate second is required to set up your birdie.

untitled-64.jpgWhite: 311 yards
Red: 264 yards
Par: 4 

R Ash West 16.jpg

Hole 16

The difficulty in hitting this green is not so much your club selection but your ability to get the strength of the shot right. Slightly too much and an out of bounds ditch awaits. With the green set below the tee your chances of holding the green are greatly enhanced unless you ignore the obvious fall from the right of the green.

16th West Course.jpgWhite: 122 yards
Red: 103 yards
Par: 3 

R Ash West 17.jpg

Hole 17

The 17th hole is a par 4 that deserves respect. Your drive needs to be kept left of centre to avoid a pond that can bring a good round to a soggy end.

untitled-29.jpgWhite: 357 yards
Red: 331 yards
Par: 4

R Ash West 18.jpg

Hole 18

At 435 yards it is not the longest par 4 on the course but with ditches and a stream meandering across the hole, allied to the necessity to shape the ball from the tee, it is certainly the most demanding. A tactical lay up with your second shot still leaves a third that is often difficult to judge. A par score here alone will make your round worthwhile!

untitled-65.jpgWhite: 435 yards
Red: 359 yards
Par: 4

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